The path to mental wellness is a journey through the challenges life has placed in our paths. One cannot live a well-connected life without care and attention to one's own mental wellness. Issues related to anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief, family discord or marital stumbling blocks distract your mind and derail your lives, causing emotional turmoil and decreased quality to the living experience. Each of us is responsible to attend and maintain our Mental Wellness, as to stay relationally health and emotionally engaged in the experience of living.

Adolescents that are having issues trying to deal with life adjustments and the struggle to define who they are, lets work together. The dynamic of family relationships, couple relationships and relationships with self, lets define those paths. The guidance through the perils of a traumatic history and the required structural needs and support of addiction can be found here.

Your new path awaits you and with a little guidence and support your journey will again be defined by you

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